Saturday, 10 March 2012

Vision   without  action is merely a dream, but vision and action together can change the world.


Christ the King of Kings Ministries Welfare Association is an indigenous non-profitable organization based in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India, which is dedicated to reaching the unreached with the good news of Jesus Christ, making disciples, and extending care to the needy.

To make ready India for the coming of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords!


Reaching India with the gospel ……..
Preaching to the unreached millions ………
Giving hope to the destitute and downtrodden people of the nation………..
Overcoming the cultural barriers to ……….
Preparing the way for the Kingdom of Jesus Christ.


 From the first meeting of Pastor William K. “Russ” Lee and Pastor Mekala Devadas and their wives in the summer of 1997 a deep bond was formed. The relationship between the two ministries, The Spirit of Christ Community Church in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, USA, and Christ the King of Kings Ministries in Gajuwaka, India, began and has grown over the years. 


Situated in the remote village of Ava Somavaram, which is 45 kms from Visakhapatnam City, "Two Worlds Children's Home" is the abode for abandoned or orphaned children. These children are clothed, fed, educated, and loved and are the future of India. It is joy and delight to Christ the King of Kings Ministries to serve these kids, who come from various religious faiths and economic background. 


Christ the King of Kings Ministries is dedicated in educating the future generation of India. There has been a Considerable change in the literacy rate and is just because of Christian voluntary organizations which are working in different states of India. The literacy rate grew from 18.33 per cent in 1951, to 28.30 per cent in 1961, 34.45 per cent in 1971, 43.57 per cent in 1981, 52.21 per cent in 1991, 64.84 per cent in 2001 and 74.04 per cent in 2011. During the same period, the population grew from 361 million to 1,210 million. Two Worlds Public School which is part of Christ the King of Kings Ministries is serving the local community through the school program. In addition to being clearly taught God's plan of salvation, local children have a chance to learn to read and write English, which will greatly expand their opportunities for the future.


There are older people today than ever before and their number is on the increase. The welfare of the aged has been a low priority for the present generation and so the old aged have nowhere to turn. They are left disillusioned, shattered and lonely. Today there are 77 million old people in India. This number is likely to rise to 177 million by 2025.
90% of the older people are from unorganized sector with no social security.
40% of the old live below poverty line. 75% of the old are from the rural areas.
55% of the women 60+ in age [a staggering 19 million] are widows.
73% of the old are illiterate.
Following the Biblical mandate of James 1:27, Christ the King of Kings Ministries supports these women, as well as needy elderly couples by providing a home for them. Join hands with Christ the King of Kings Ministries to help them live with confidence and dignity. 


India has more than 470 tribal groups, each with their distinct dwellings in villages and forests. 
Christ the King of Kings Ministries is a Voluntary organization working for the welfare and development of Scheduled Tribes. Efforts comprise schemes for educational, economic and social development including protective measures under the SC/ST (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, and the policy of positive discrimination in public employment and education.
 Reaching the unreached tribal regions of India is a vision of Devedas and Sarojini Mekala, who have traveled frequently to these parts to preach the Gospel to the illiterate and poor tribal people who live in the border of the states of Andhra Pradesh and Orissa. Now the baton has been passed onto the next generation of evangelists: their sons, who  have taken the challenge of reaching the people who live deep in the mountains, as well as the young people ready to take the Gospel to their own people.  


With the rampant diseases, difficult living conditions, and poor sanitation, medical care in the rural parts of India is always a big concern. Government-run clinics and hospitals in this area are unreliable and often a great distance away. With Pastor Mekala Devadas and Sarojini's medical background, they have a special vision for a Christian medical clinic that would meet both physical and spiritual needs.